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  Represent Cleveland (1/20)

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day Clevelanders! Today I will be joining our new “First Family” as we join together in D.C. to celebrate the inauguration of our 44th President Barack Obama. I am lucky to have a sister who lives close to the action…so with a tank of gas, lots of warm clothes and a charged camera battery I will be amongst the crowds (hopefully) squeezed onto the Mall and in the midst of history in the making.

For great trivia and information about the days events, luncheons, trivia, etc. visit

  Chilly travels

Bbbrrrrrrr…it’s chilly out there! Hope you are enjoying an evening at home, snuggled up on your couch keeping warm ( and out of the cool Ohio winter temps. I was one of the lucky few escaping the single-digit temps today, headed south to Texas for an overnight work excursion via the Cleveland Hopkins Airport.

Did you know, there will be NO MORE STARBUCKS at the airport? I actually got the last LID, which meant they could not serve anymore coffee, which also meant there was a long line of grumpiness behind me. Sorry fellow travelers…Lucky me.

I will be back shortly, but in the meantime, enjoy this winter shot from the CLE…going places! :)

  Cleveland Represents in ’08

Well, actually Lebron represents, but since we feel like he is “ours,” join me in celebrating James in the 2008 Olympics!

Now, let’s say a little prayer he gets better real soon….Cavaliers superstar LeBron James sprained his right ankle on Tuesday in practice with the US Olympic basketball team, US media reported. The Las Vegas Sun said the NBA scoring champion rolled his ankle on the foot of Oklahoma City swingman and reigning Rookie of the Year Kevin Durant, who was playing for a team of NBA players brought in to practice against the Olympians prior to next weeks Games in Beijing.

The United States Olympic opener is against China on August 10..tune in and cheer our hometown boy on.

  Hamburger Weekend (7/19-20)

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

Did you know, burgers account for 40% of all sandwiches sold in the US every year? per

Although I don’t often post about Akron, I found something totally worth the 25 minute drive that I couldn’t resist sharing….if you are a vegetarian…please disregard this post, but for those meat lovers…it’s a MUST.

This year’s National Hamburger Festival takes place July 19-20 in downtown Akron. You won’t regret getting your “buns” in gear for a trip this weekend. They have everything a hamburger enthusiast would want and need from pickles, onion and ketchup toppings to events like, bobbing for hamburgers, lots of live music and a Miss Hamburger Pageant!

For schedule of events, times an location visit

  Rain. Florida. Bears?

I know I have been posting a bunch, but there are so many reasons I heart cleveland, I just can’t pick one thing a day anymore…

So as of late, I feel like I am living in Florida. Sunny in the morning, a brief cooling downpour in the afternoon and then a late evening clear up. The trees and plants are thriving and everyone’s lawns look ultra lush. Isn’t it great?

I didn’t make it down to the Metroparks this weekend (due to parties, weddings, and lots of work)…but I imagine if I did I might have found an image like this…the two little bears playing together, sharing their finds, taking time to sniff the roses. Do we have bears in Northeast Ohio? I just love this picture and couldn’t resist sharing! It makes me smile.

Have a great week Cleveland!