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  Ramona & Ted Williams

We all love him…that deep voice, his crazy comments (“Matt Lauer brings out the female in me,”) and his silly arm motions.

Check out this interview with Channel 3’s Ramona Robinson…

He might just be what the Cavs needs to spice it up a bit? :)

  Hot in Cleveland

I saw the first episode last night and I have to say, I thought it was pretty funny. This morning Matt Lauer and Valerie Bertinelli were on the Today Show talking about tonight’s premier and I couldn’t help but give it two thumbs up!

Tune into TV Land tonight at 10pm.

  FREE Hot in Cleveland Preview Party Tickets!

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Tower City and Positively Cleveland has provided me 5 pairs of tickets to give out our faithful blog readers. The red carpet will be rolled out for you and a friend, complimentary valet at the Prospect Avenue Southside Valet, a stylish happy hour filled with delicious treats & cocktails and a screening of the new show Hot in Cleveland from 6-8pm at the Skylight Room in Tower City.

To win these HOT tickets to this HOT party just tell me where you go, what you do or your favorite outfit that makes YOU HOT in CLEVELAND!!! BE SURE to include your email, so I can send you the tickets. Winner will be notified end of day on Monday. Pass it along to your friends.

  Happy Minty Day

  Weekend fun!

Living in Cleveland there is always SO MUCH to do when it comes to planning my weekends. Some people might think there is nothing going on, but I beg to differ, I can barely squeeze in a load of laundry with all the super fun activities that are going on…

> Swoosh, woosh and fly like a bird…well almost! (Tobogganing is fun!)

> Indulging in a plethera of sale coupons

> A nibble of Strawberries & Pink Champagne AND a bite of MSC Fluff

> A sale and some “pleasing” snack with RS

> A dance with my dog!!!

> Get my “bollywood” on!

> Making a birdie sling with some fabulous friends.

> Supposedly there is a big football game on?

What will you be doing this weekend? Celebrating family & friends? Shopping for a fancy dress? Sipping a hot toddy or two? Fill me in on what I am missing!