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  Vintage Holiday @ Suite Lorain

Hey CLE. Hope everyone had a great long holiday weekend giving thanks with family and friends. I took a one tank trip out of town to celebrate with the fam and enjoyed the traditional Thanksgiving fun; too much turkey, a bit of black Friday, Lincoln at the theatres, some college football, a winery and a few Manhattan’s. It was truly delightful.

Don’t you think sometimes when you go away for a few days, you come back refreshed and re-enthused about home and your community? I get such a thrill out of how my dog get’s all crazy as we pull off the exit to home, it’s like he knows that his little fenced in yard is within minutes. Sometimes getting away for a few days gives you a shiny bright look on things you may take for granted. MORE! →

  Absolutely awesome!

Happy November 1st Clev-pals. Where has this year gone? Can you believe we are in the beginning of holiday season? I heart this time of year so very much. The pumpkins, the fall colors, the crunchy leaves, the smell of cinnamon, I can go on and on.

The other day, the sky was blue, the air was crisp and I found myself wandering through a rather quiet Cleveland street. Admiring the sunshine I gazed up and discovered another example of amazing Cleveland artwork…history.

Can you guess where this “absolutley fireproof” building artwork is? Hint, perhaps you’ve had coffee somewhere close by?

And while I’m loving fall, loving November and feeling extra in love with my city, I want to thank you today for taking time out of your day to read this blog. Sometimes you forget to tell people how much you care…so thanks. If I can ever be of help to you don’t hesitate to shout!

  Native Cleveland

Last weekend I found myself in the cutest, “pro-Cleveland” art & t-shirt store called “Native Cleveland,” located near the Beachland Ballroom.

I was wondering around the Waterloo Arts Festival enjoying the sights (belly dancers, stilt walkers and many a hipster), sounds (everything from hip hop, rock and “coffee house”) and the sunshine (well, it was pretty overcast but the sun did make an appearance or two.)  The highly stylized window displays, the nautical t-shirts graphics and all of the people shopping in the store called was calling my name.

Everything about the space from the skylight to the “display stage” to the adorable art…this store is the total package. Oh, and don’t forget the amazing CLE Clothing Co. T-shirts they sell, awesome. From a designers perspective these shirts hit the nail right on the head, quirky and fresh with a twist. While I purchased a shirt as a gift, I am currently lusting over the Lake Erie Yacht Club v-neck. it must be mine! (Note* I love everything “nauti”)

So, if you are ever in need of a great gift, a piece of art or an amazing CLE t-shirt, grab yourself a coffee, hop in the car and make your way to Native Cleveland you won’t be disappointed! Great store, you should be really proud!

  Stash Style 50% off SALE

It with mixed emotions that I write this post. My dear friend is closing her fabulous mecca of home accessories and unique furniture finds Stash Style in Chagrin Falls. The antique store and sweet shop has been nestled on Main Street across from the Popcorn Shop for over six years and has decided to move on to bigger and different initiatives.

Finds from her store helped furnish almost every room in my home including a behind the couch table, an outdoor dining set, numerous end tables, vintage linens, vases, frames, the list goes on and on.

This Saturday she is hosting a massive EVERYTHING IN THE STORE IS 50% MOVING SALE. Please go and buy your Stash Style finds or I am sure I will get roped into packing up a box truck and hauling it back to the west side. Though the day is bitter sweet I like to think of it as celebration of one woman’s dream of owning her own store. (We’ve all dreamt it.)

Plans for the future? A large barn sale in Rocky River is in the works for the first weekend in May, pencil it in as I’m sure it will be divine.

Hope to see everyone on Saturday, cheers to new ventures, cheers to change!

Wonderful photography by Rob Drago

  Suite Lorain style.

I feel like I am prepping for Senior Prom with the sold out, Jump Back Ball just two days away. Seriously, it is going to be such a fun party I’m psyched!

Since the Jump Back Ball always creeps up so fat, I always end up looking for a dress last minute. Last weekend I spent my Saturday thumbing through the racks and racks of dresses at the vintage shops in Lakewood and on Lorain Ave in Cleveland. Looking for something a bit vintage and different, but comfortable enough to dance and run around in.

It came down to two dresses. Both from Suite Lorain, a sheer black and nude polka dot dress and more of a long maxi 60’s inspired but very Tory Burch-esque gown. I ended up deciding the longer dress that had sleeves would be warm and swanky for the gala’s “around the world” theme. It looks a little bit sari and a little bit kimono…it’s at the dry cleaners as we speak. Can’t wait to pick it up!

Have you been to Suite Lorain since they have cleaned and reorganized? About a year ago it was purchased by a new owner and he made it a point to dive into every nook and crazy restyling, reorganizing, thawing out the stained and yucky and infusing the store with lots of new great vintage clothes. The store not only has clothes, but it also has your perfect retro sofa, a mod coffee table, and tons of accessories from purses, shoes, rhinestone everything to lots and lots of pearls.

If you are like me and love to find just the perfect vintage treat for your next party, wedding or heck…gala ball, check out Suite Lorain!