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  Spring flowers!

Happy Monday Cleveland. Did everyone have a nice St Patty’s Day? I hope you were able to enjoy the festivities with family and friends; pinch-free!

Where did the snow come from? Just last Sunday it was almost 70 degrees and I was outside doing some necessary spring yard clean up. I should know better, springtime in Cleveland is such hit or miss, literally from one minute to the next it could be raining, sunny, snowing or thunder storming and sometime it comes to us all in that order in one day.

These types of mornings make for hard fashion choices, do you agree? However with the glimmer of spring styles and the bold colors creeping into the stores, I think a few days of layers is well worth the wait.

To remind us that spring is just around the corner, check out this video I found of the spring crocus peaking it’s little face to the springtime sunshine. Watching it over and over makes me happy.

Happy Monday everybody. Cheers to another bizarre weather week in the CLE!

  Weekend Weather

Let’s hope this weekend isn’t a repeat of the “Blizzard of 2007.”

Incredible video of our city paired with classical tunes. I love the images of downtown traffic, the snow outside the office windows and the ducks on the frozen lake. I hope you enjoy this find, I surely did. :)

  Nauti & ice

As spring approaches the stores FILL with the best “Nauti” resort looks. I seriously have a problem with my sailor stripes & anchor themed apparel obsession. So..although many of you are thinking about piling on the layers of long underwear and wool..I am on the prowl for buoys, fish, navy & white strips with gold buttons to add to my spring styles.

However, I will keep the tags on until this cold tundra lifts, the ice on the lake melts and the seagulls fly over the East 9th Street Pier…say May?

  Chilly travels

Bbbrrrrrrr…it’s chilly out there! Hope you are enjoying an evening at home, snuggled up on your couch keeping warm ( and out of the cool Ohio winter temps. I was one of the lucky few escaping the single-digit temps today, headed south to Texas for an overnight work excursion via the Cleveland Hopkins Airport.

Did you know, there will be NO MORE STARBUCKS at the airport? I actually got the last LID, which meant they could not serve anymore coffee, which also meant there was a long line of grumpiness behind me. Sorry fellow travelers…Lucky me.

I will be back shortly, but in the meantime, enjoy this winter shot from the CLE…going places! :)

  Rain. Florida. Bears?

I know I have been posting a bunch, but there are so many reasons I heart cleveland, I just can’t pick one thing a day anymore…

So as of late, I feel like I am living in Florida. Sunny in the morning, a brief cooling downpour in the afternoon and then a late evening clear up. The trees and plants are thriving and everyone’s lawns look ultra lush. Isn’t it great?

I didn’t make it down to the Metroparks this weekend (due to parties, weddings, and lots of work)…but I imagine if I did I might have found an image like this…the two little bears playing together, sharing their finds, taking time to sniff the roses. Do we have bears in Northeast Ohio? I just love this picture and couldn’t resist sharing! It makes me smile.

Have a great week Cleveland!