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  Being social!

Hey friends, did I tell you how excited I am to have scored one of the coveted tickets to this summer’s Alt Design Summit NYC conference? I’m psyched.

You see, besides posting about all things happening in the CLE; I regularly scour the web for every inspiring design tip, striking image and “how-to” story that I can soak up in my creative head.

As a professional designer I love to surround myself with other creatives and what better location to be infused with creativity than at the offices of the queen of creativity, Martha Stewart. The conference will be hosted by Ms. Martha and her amazing team of creatives at the MSL Omnimedia offices (eeeekkk!)

So I am starting to prep for the workshop and I am doing a bit of blog updating and writing homework. I’m cleaning up my pinterest palace (@charity216) and making a conscious effort to tweet and “RT” on a more regular basis (@iheartclev) I’m exploring new photo apps to share pics on instagram (@charity216) and even making movies on the latest and greatest the creepy, crawly Vine (@iheartcleveland). So much to do in so little time.

Before I know it I will be surrounded by other bloggy, blogsters covered in polka dots and neon prints, this years floral pants and sassy sandals. Spending time sharing tips with one another about life/blog balance, creative apps and design business successes.

This summer can’t come soon enough but this past weekend warm Cleveland temps sure were a treat! Happy Tuesday.

  a new Blog Friend

So I “met” this new blogger a week or so ago and thought perhaps some of you might like to follow his photography blog….“How’s the Salmon.”

A young photographer, entrepreneur and sneaker collector, Carlos was born and raised in Lorain and currently resides in Elyria, OH. “I’ve been coming to Cleveland for various events, shopping or to experience the restaurants for as long as I can remember” commented Carlos.

After exploring his site, I had to get to know this guy a bit better, so I asked “Mr. How’s the Salmon” a few questions…

Where did the name of your site come from?
“It’s really and inside joke with my friend from high school. We decided to have a mini reunion at Great Lakes Brewery, and we all agreed on bar food (fries, burgers, etc.) and well out of nowhere, one of my friends turns to the waitress and asked “How’s the Salmon?” and we all started to laugh hysterically (You kind of had to be there, but coming from where we’re from, and growing up how we did, you’d understand why we found it so funny)”

As a sneaker conisseour, what’s your favorite pair of sneakers?
“This is a question I get often yet still struggle on an answer. I have to say, it’s hard to pick just one. I’ll say my two favorites are, my Air Jordan Aqua VIII’s and my Air Jordan True Blue III’s.”

Please share one of your pictures of Cleveland with the iheartcleveland readers.
(photo above) “This picture of Lake Erie, I think some people may not realize how great the lake can be (especially due to lake effect snow) but in the summer, relaxing and watching the sun set is one of the best things to do.”

Thanks Carlos for sharing your images, your insight and your blog to me. I hope others find it as fun and unique as I did.

  Fall Must-Haves

It’s September…have you started making your fall fashion “must-have” shopping list? After hours and hours of flipping through the monster issues of Vogue, Bazaar, the latest J.Crew fall catalog and scrolling through blog after blog, I have a small list of a few “would-love-to-have’s.” The list goes something like, a new white button down, a pair of gray knee-high boots, a soft cashmere crewneck sweater, turquoise patent leather pumps, a striped scarf to accessorize all my vintage coats and possibly a few funky “just-for-Saturday” sweaters.

So, a few years ago while strolling though Brooklyn I came across a great little store called Ohio Knitting Mills, funny…this store was the showroom to what was once a sweater factory located right here in Cleveland. Founded by Harry Stone in 1928, the Ohio Knitting Mills grew to become one of the country’s largest knitwear producers. It was at the center of Clevelands thriving garment industry producing knitwear for iconic department stores from Sears to Saks. After World War II, the Mill plucked samples of each style they produced and put them into storage.

Five decades later, the archive had grown into a vast collection of design artifacts, representing mainstream fashion from the classic 40’s, fab 50’s, swinging 60’s, and funky 70’s. The little store had opened this time capsule to sell the collection of perfectly preserved fashions and I had stumbled upon it. Over the last few years the knits were taken online so that everyone worldwide can own a piece of Cleveland history.

If I was to indulge myself this fall I would buy the Natural Wave Jacket made with 100% wool, the 3/4 sleeves and half-dome plastic buttons are delightful. AND the MMMM Scarf Sewn from an early 1970’s knit fabric is super fun as well.

Take a peak and let me know if anything gets added to you “list.” …