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  2010 Cleveland "to-do"

Hello all!

Welcome back to iheartcleveland. Hope everyone had an amazing holiday season. I know I did. I am rested, relaxed and ready to rock and roll as we dive into this new year.

As I was thinking about what my first post of the year should be I started thinking about all the things I have always wanted to do, but somehow never have. Take a look at my list and feel free to let me know what your 2010 Cleveland resolutions are!

my cleveland “to-do-taste-see” 2010 resolutions list

Go to the Orchestra
I have been to Severance Hall for a gorgeous wedding once, but I have never seen the world renowned Cleveland Orchestra play. This year I want to experience the magic of the talented area musucians. Can’t wait! In the meantime I may enjoy one of the free tours that are being offered on Sunday January 10th. For more information visit their website, reservations recommended.

Get to know Malleys
Ever wondered how they make the 3 foot Easter bunnies and the millions of luscious Buckeyes? This year I’d love to get a group of fellow choco-holics together for a trip to the 60,000 square feet of chocolate fantasy at the Malleys Chocolate Tour. The tour is self-guided and best of all it’s free! Anyone interested?

Celebrate the Jump Back Ball
I’ve always heard the buzz but I’ve never attended the massive party explosion called the Jump Back Ball. This year I plan to don my feathers and sequins and celebrate Carnival (this years theme) with my fellow arts supporters. I hear tickets are going fast…so get yours today…then we can all party together!

Ghost Hunt
Ever since I’ve moved to North East Ohio over ten years ago, I’ve been tempted to take a walk through the old Ohio State Reformatory at Mansfield. For those of you who know me, I’m not one for blood or guts, but the idea of ghosts is a bit intriguing. Did you know you can go on a ghost hunt year round in Mansfield? Spooky!

Ride the path
I love to ride my bike. I love to ride my road bike down Lake Ave, fast. I love to tool around town in my Schwinn Cruiser with my sweet basket & coffee cup holder. I love to ride my mountain bike through the muddy metroparks in spring. This past fall a friend of mine and I got to sample parts of the towpath, this year, I would love to start on one end and make it all the way to the end…tackle the towpath! Time to look for a new helmet. :)

Get schooled in Beer
I’ve drank an Elliott Ness, I’ve snacked on a pub pretzel and recently I’ve enjoyed one too many Christmas Ales…but as an Ohio resident I feel I should have a better understanding of the happenings and beer types at or our world famous Great Lakes Brewing Co. I think this is the year I’ll make it a point to attend a free brewery tour, a tasting or a brewmasters dinner to enhance my palette and enjoy those porters and pale ales to the fullest.

Spend the day at the fair
I post about it every year. Every August I crave funnel cakes and corn dogs. I dream of the biggests blueberry pie and adorable pot belly pigs. This year I promise myself I am going to spend an afternoon at the Cuyahoga County Fair. Perhaps I can get one of you to come with me…if you’re up for it, perhaps we can even dress alike..everyone’s doing it. :)

Get spooked at the Zoo
I don’t have children so there really should be no real reason why I want to spend my afternoon navigating my way through the sea of strollers at the Cleveland Metroparks annual event…Boo at the Zoo. I don’t know if I am drawn to the idea of elephants and monkeys in costume or an entire bag of candy corn that i can destroy as I watch the lions, tigers and bears devour their haunted treats. This year I really want to go to the fun alternative to average neighborhood haunting, who wouldn’t want to go to an event with candy “Stations?”

Tour of Pasta
If you’ve ever been to the Westside Market on a saturday morning then you’ve seen the confetti colored Ohio City Pasta’s whimsical little raviolis. Every time I go to buy some I have such a hard decision what flavor to choose…SO, this year I plan on working my way through the glass case and savoring each little pasta creation one flavor at a time. Perhaps a few a month..I’ll keep you posted! Any recommendations which ones to start with?

  What Cleveland Wants for Christmas

A few weeks ago I sent out a request to some area bloggers, business owners and personalities asking them what they wanted under their tree on Christmas morning. Thank you to the many emails I received, I really appreciate you sharing with us!

See their spirited answers below…

Michelle V. : Cleveland Foodie
“I want a night away with my husband, maybe something local like gambling in Detroit coupled with dinner at Roast and then to sleep in past 6 a.m., something I haven’t done since I had my daughter. Plus, I wish Clevelanders would skip chains in the New Year and make a conscious effort to eat and support local.”

Mark Nolan : Anchor on Channel 3 News Today
“I just turned 40 (which I’m told is the new 30) so, I’ve become more and more nostalgic over the past few years. I think a simple light snowfall, no “Black Friday”/”Cyber Monday”, no holiday traffic, lots of sleigh bells ringin’ type Christmas would be just fine for me. I just want quiet. Lots of smiles from friends as I pass along the perfect gift. That’s what I want… Here’s Hopin.’ Merry Christmas!”

Tammy Lyons : yogi & owner of Inner Bliss Yoga
“My wishes for all this holiday season… A little more forgiveness…a little less anger. A little more faith…less hopelessness. A little more love…less fighting. More listening and less defending. More Love, More Joy, and a vibrant, white holiday!”

Danielle Deboe : owner of Room Service & Made in the 216.
Cooking lessons….one on one weekly cooking lessons! I do not think that anything less…say a class scenario or a monthly lesson would actually stick….and of course, in this dream scenario, I would also have the time, to do a weekly cooking lesson…but alas, a girl can dream can’t she!

Amanda “Lilly” Montague : creator of Lilly Handmade Chocolates
1. An Anti-Griddle so I could create fun, frozen molecular gastronomy confections 2. A traveling vacation to every craft brewery in the states! Dogfish, Stone, The Bruery, Great Divide, etc. 3. Another Pembroke Welsh Corgi for my lovely little Lucy to play with (she’s a Pembroke Welsh Corgi too! One can never have too much love in their lives!) Happy Everything to Everyone!

Chris Allen : Musician
Since I can’t see world peace anytime in the next several years, for Christmas I would like a weekend in Florence, Italy to forget that fact. The most beautiful city in the world, I would like to take a Saturday stroll walking the brick alley ways, view amazing works of art, sip a little wine and have a prosciutto and brie samwhich from a street vender.

Me : i heart cleveland
I’d like an old record player that I could bring to the beach in the summer and play old records while I soak up the Ohio sun! (Do they make old players with batteries?)

Cleveland…what do YOU want…tell me. We will post it…and then you can refer your family to the blog for your wish list! Sounds fun, right? :)