An afternoon at Cedar Point Shores!


Hey friends, happy gorgeous Sunday evening! How has your weekend been? So much summer excitement over here, from pool parties and barbecues to graduation celebrations and the Cleveland Flea…and our adventures at the new Cedar Point Shores Waterpark it has been fun filled, for sure.

IMG_3177 from Charity Crawford on Vimeo.

On Friday I took a half day and filled the car up with our little guy and a few friends and headed for the newly designed Cedar Point Shores Waterpark. From Lakewood it only took us about :50 minutes or so to get there. They were calling for thunderstorms on and off all afternoon but we actually had great weather and even some large stretches of sunshine to warm our afternoon visit. We pulled up (special Shores parking lot in back of the park) and were changed into our suits and poolside within a handful of minutes from arriving. The park was busy but not packed so I would suggest a Friday afternoon if you have little ones who want to play.


IMG_3113We parked our stroller and set up camp in Lemmy’s Lagoons which was the best spot for families with little ones to play. It has a variety of water-sprinkling creatures, a handful of mini slides and of course the incredible green dragon; Lemmy himself. The water was warm and the mix of sprinklers and fountains kept me pleasantly happy and cool.

IMG_3162 from Charity Crawford on Vimeo.



We also took a ride down their lazy river…Runaway Rapids. It was a great ride for parents and kids as it had a good mix of cruising, waves, waterfalls, twists and turns. Our little one was a bit apprehensive at first but then wanted to go “again and again!”

The two older kids in our group went off to explore the parks new waterslides like the Lake Erie Nor’easter and the Riptide Raceway. They tried to ride the futuristic slide ride; Point Plummet but their nerves got the best of them so they turned around and met us back in the kids area.

IMG_3107 from Charity Crawford on Vimeo.

The new waterpark also has a handful of outdoor café’s and bars…we saw a few live bands playing outside one of these watering holes…there was seriously something for everyone.


I honestly had a great afternoon at Shores! I was kinda dragging my feet at first about going because the idea of running after a toddler in my wet bathing suit in front of a bunch of strangers sounded kinda overwhelming at first. I promise you, once you get there you forget about all the not-so-fun stuff. The staff at the waterpark were so friendly, welcoming and you could tell they were keeping everyone in check, making safety an important part of your park experience.


It was a magical afternoon and we will for sure go back soon…hopefully the sun is out longer next time, but if it’s not…no big deal. Who needs the sun when you have a bright green servant to spit water on you and let you slide down their tongue! Thank you Cedar Point for inviting us to check out your new waterpark, it is really incredible; great job!

SPONSORED POST : Thank you to Cedar Point who invited me to share about the new Shores waterpark as part of their social outreach. I received  tickets in exchange for my review of their new waterpark offerings. Thanks for supporting this business, while allowing me to create special content like this for iheartcleveland!