Celebrate Creativity! Celebrate Mom’s!


Hello & Happy Monday everyone. Wasn’t this weekend the best? We spent so much time outdoors soaking in the sun while doing yard work and prepping for summer. We also snuck in some crafting, time with friends, a few meals out, a 5k, some shopping and a few good naps. It was an incredible two days that I am so thankful for.


Today I am proud to share with you an event I hosted to celebrate some very creative Mom’s right here in Cleveland. Sponsored by Pat Catan’s the baby brunch was held at the magical Borrow Rentals; a space filled with vintage furniture and one-of-a-kind party pieces.


The morning was filled with networking with fellow creative Mom’s, lots of crafting, a delicious brunch, cupcakes and a few sips of bubbly (for Mom’s only!)


We made some hand-painted wooden bead necklaces, painted little pouches, some of the tots painted aprons for their mom’s (just in time for Mother’s Day) and we even made hand and footprints in salt dough for the perfect baby momento. It was awesome to see Mom’s and babies crafting together and let’s just say there was paint everywhere!


For lunch, Gatherings Kitchen provided delicious and creative lunch-tubes filled with something for both Mom (Yummy BLT wraps) and something for baby (goldfish and applesauce.) There was also a selfserve champagne and fruit yogurt bar in a vintage bathtub. It was so cute seeing the lithe babies help themselves to snacks.


The playful cupcakes were created by Main Street Cupcakes. They made such pretty centerpiece additions on the table as well as a sweet ending to the morning fun.





A big thanks to everyone who attended but most of all a huge thanks to Pat Catan’s for all of their wonderful crafting and party decorations for this morning Moms & Babies crafting brunch.


Next time you are looking for a fun morning, gather your friends and find that perfect craft you’ve been meaning to make then head over to “Catan’s” for every supply under the sun.



All photography for this post was shot by Tim Logan Photography.

*I was sponsored to design, produce style and host this morning brunch. Thanks for supporting this crafting giant; Pat Catan’s  that allows me to create special content like this for iheartcleveland!