Celebrating Public Art in Ohio City’s Hingetown (11-18/19)

ka3_0374Peace & good morning CLE…happy Tuesday and happy holiday countdown to all. Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week? We were just talking about the holidays at work and came to the realization that the holidays begin NEXT WEEK…so crazy! Where did 2016 go?


Speaking of 2016…one of my favorite things about this year has been the amazing push for public art throughout our city. Thanks to the incredible arts organizations throughout the city we have been super fortunate to have various national talent visit our city and sprinkle us with their art.

Have you been down to Ohio City’s Hingetown to see all of the larger-than-life murals that are on display in the neighborhood? If you have not, plan to visit this weekend for the Creative Fusion Spectacular. On Friday and Saturday there will be trolley rides, entertainment and fun for families…to officially welcome and share the new art with everyone.

ka3_0374Fingers crossed for great weather this weekend, these murals and installations (I adore the Hingetown green wall made up of various plant matters) make for bright, bold and festive family photo backdrops…I can’t wait to see many of you with them featured on your family holiday cards.


A few weekends ago I had to go see all of these works for myself and can I just say….INCREDIBLE!!! From the oversized scale of a large slice of pizza (by Mike Sobeck) to a colorful three-eyed tiger (by Michela Picchi) to the vibrant yellow & purple-people mural (by Joe Lanzilotta) and the bold happy shapes (by Erin Guido.) I am excited to celebrate these amazing works by even more amazing artists this weekend.

ka3_0446ka3_0445ka3_0456ka3_0464ka3_0426ka3_0397So, I hope to see all of you down in Hingetown this weekend as we celebrate public art at it’s best. For more details visit the Facebook weekend events page here.


Also, last but not least….hope you enjoyed how I tried my best to match my vintage coats to the artwork..it is a weird obsession I have. HA Ha! Happy week, happy public art Cleveland. I look forward to seeing everyone out and about this weekend. Thanks to my friend Katie Ardner for the super fun photos…she is such a talented photographer!