Citizen Pie : my new fave!

cp_7Hello CLE friends! Have you been over to Citizen Pie yet? It seriously is incredible! We visited a few weeks ago and it’s all I can do not to want to drive out to Waterloo nightly for another brie and mushroom pizza.


Have you been yet? Do you have a favorite? My guys loved the Little Italy which is a traditional Mozzerella, Sausage and cheese pie, for me, I am more of a mushroom lover…and it did not disappoint.


We sat at the bar and enjoyed watching the pizza artists whip up one after another and toss them into their special pizza oven for all to see. The oven was so hot that pizzas went in and out like a well choreographed dance, quick but with grace and beauty…each pizza exiting the oven with a warm, happy glow…ready to be enjoyed.


So….with all that said, if you are looking for an incredible new pizza destination take a drive out east and visit the team at Citizen Pie. You won’t be disappointed!


Happy holiday week friends, happy pizza…happy mushrooms to all!