Cleveland International Film Festival Discount Code

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It’s that time again friends; time for this years 38th Annual Cleveland International Film Festival.

Recently I had the opportunity to go and check out what the Sundance Film Festival was all about and I gotta say, we Clevelanders really know how to do a film fest up right. Don’t get me wrong Sundance is beautiful set in the picturesque Park City, Utah; nestled in the mountains, blue skies, tons of celebs and skiing, tons of skiing…BUT…our film festival has INSANE energy. An energy that builds and builds until festival kick off and then a wave of excitement and creative energy takes over our city bringing along films from across the world to the CLE!

The Cleveland International Film Festival is literally one the best gems of our town, the countdown has started and I hope you are as excited as I am. For me, the film fest means getting out of work a bit early to go see a French film, it means having my Mom come into town for our annual tradition of packing our weekend with everything from documentaries to dramas, it means eating popcorn and twizzlers for dinner with my best friend and fellow ticket holder, and most of all it means being so inspired by the creative minds that dream up, that write, that direct and those who act; making these movies more than just a film, but a gateway to the talented individuals who create them.

Have I inspired you to make this year’s Festival a must-see? Oh, I do hope so. Tickets to members go on sale this Saturday, the coveted paper version of the film programs should be out and about this weekend or early next week and tickets to the public go on sale March 7th.  Once you pick your films, go online and use this CIFF Discount Code of  “IHRTCLE” for $2 off of every ticket purchased.

I hope I see everybody down at Tower City Cinemas for what looks to be another amazing  creative celebration; The 38th Annual Cleveland International Film Festival…GET PSYCHED!