Cunning Little Vixen

photo 3

Hey everybody, happy Monday to you! Looks like the sunshine from the weekend has carried over into the week, we might see a sprinkle or two but nothing like the monsoons of last week…perfect for our long weekend ahead.

Congrats to all of my friends who ran yesterday’s Cleveland Marathon. You guys had the perfect conditions and I couldn’t be more thrilled for some of you newbies out there who went out nervous and enjoyed every step of the race day. Congrats I am so proud of you!

Over the weekend we had the opportunity to attend the Cleveland Orchestra’s latest creative collaborative performance of The Cunning Little Vixen. It was part orchestra, part animated film, part opera and part theatre performance all wrapped up into one three-part, 90 minute performance. As always, any event at Severance is stunning, just being in the building is like stepping back into the vast history of Cleveland society. I could get lost in the ceiling details for hours, the patterns are just stunning.

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We were able to attend the artistic performance through the young professionals group; The Circle, I posted more about it last week here. We met with other orchestra-goers before the show at a lovely reception prior to the performance. It was a great group of arts-engaged people and I would highly recommend you check out this group AND this performance as it is only showing until May 24th here in town. For tickets visit their website and for more information on the new young audience group; The Circle check out their Facebook page here.

photo 2Have a great week and seriously, you should check out this wild, non-traditional orchestra performance. It is one that will go down in the Cleveland artistic history books for sure!