Day 10 : Bruegger’s Bagels for 4


Just a few more giveaways as we roll into this new year! I am going to wrap up the giveaway fun this week in order to get back to blog-business soon. You know; new year goals, vacation dreaming, house and design projects and everyone’s favorite updates on little baby ninja.

Today I have an awesome giveaway for you and three of your office mates. It’s been a handful of days of eating less cards, less sweets and so on, and what better time then perhaps a splurge on an amazing bagel with cream cheese and a slice of tomatoe! Lunch from Breuggers Bagels including a beverage and one of their yummy lunch sandwiches. I especially like a everything bagel, with hummus and tons of veggies…it’s all about balance and moderation, right?

To win todays giveaway tweet me “@iheartclev I’d love to win the @Brueggers lunch bunch for me and three friends!” Good luck and happy Monday everyone!

I was invited to try Bruegger’s lunch as part of their social engagements efforts. In exchange for this post I was a provided lunch and drinks for my office! Thanks for supporting this business in the CLE that allows me to create special content like this for iheartcleveland!