Day 11 : Boutique Bridal Bazaar tickets & some winners


Good morning! How is everybody enjoying this winter storm we are in the midst of? Are you still one of the lucky few to be snuggled in bed all safe and warm? Or did you set the alarm and head into the office to kick off the new work year today?

I just LOVE the snow. Everything about it. I love getting all bundled up for it. I love the stillness of the world when it is falling from the sky. I love the pretty sparkle it gives to the ground. I love how my dog tip toes over the fluffy matter as if he is trying to avoid the unavoidable; it’s too cute. While I get that driving in the slush stinks and the grocery store parking lots may often become a mess during these storm warnings, for me the benefits outweigh the negatives. So get yourselves home, light a fire and bundle up. This is supposed to be a great storm.

For todays Day 11 giveaway the sweet ladies of Something White Bridal are giving away a pair of tickets to next weekends (January 12th) Boutique Bridal Bazaar at the historic Tudor Arms Hotel. Tis the season for engagement bling and bridal bliss, this show will feature the areas best wedding vendors including planners, photographers, cakes designers, hairstylists and more. If you are in the market to plan such a party then you don’t want to miss out on this one.

To win tweet me @iheartclev I’d love to win the pair of tickets to the @SomethingWhiteB Boutique Bridal Bazaar on January 12th.” The winners we will be drawn by Monday, January 6th. Good luck!

Also, a bit of housekeeping and prize giveaways…
– The dozen Brewnuts went to Kirsten D @runrunrepreat
– The Horrible Adorable went to Brean Holtschult
– 2 tickets to this Fridays CMA Mix Event was won by Sara Leimbach