Day 5 giveaway : Market Garden Brewery goodies!


Happy Friday and happy Day 5 of this years 12 Days of giveaways!!! It’s been such an exciting week over here, I can’t thank the donors, small businesses and non profits and many organizations and businesses that have all pitched in to offer these exciting giveaways here at iheartcleveland.

4- Beer Bar Guests

Today I have a great one for you from our friends at Market Garden Brewing, I know you are gonna love it. The winner of todays giveaway will win one of the MGB hoodie sweatshirts…in your size, as well as a $50 gift card to the brewpub! Only stipulation is that the winner must bring me as their guest…just kidding. But if you wanted too I especially like the soft pretzels and beer cocktails, just as an FYI.


2016 will be an exciting year for Market Garden Brewery as they will begin working with a distributor on the distribution of their beer and will be opening their new production brewery this Spring. Their new facility will include brew tours, a tasting room and a 1500 Sq. foot retail shop where Market Garden’s city pride and passion for craft brewing will shine through in their expansive and exciting product offerings, perhaps most important of which includes all of their tasty beers!

Pouring Taps

I am very excited because I am going to be doing a brew day this spring where I will be helping the brewmasters mix up a batch of two of beer for the brewery. Watch out Cleveland beer lovers, here I come.

To enter to win todays amazing MGB gift pack of one sweatshirt and a $50 gift card, tweet “@iheartclev I’d love to win the @marketgardencle gift pack! My favorite beer is_________.” Good luck everyone, happy beer friday to you. Cheers!

I was invited to giveaway a Market Garden gift pack as part of their social engagements efforts. Thanks for supporting this growing business in the CLE that allows me to create special content like this for iheartcleveland!