Feast (08/13-15)

This weekend…it’s FEAST-TIME!!!

Time to put on your italian horn necklace…splash on your extra thick cologne…tie on your pasta eating bib and head up to Murray Hill for this weekends “Feast of the Assumption.”

The four-day Feast of the Assumption is a wonderful mix of religion and secular fun. The entire length of Mayfield Road, between Euclid Avenue and Cleveland Heights is closed off to traffic. In their place are carnival rides, delicious Italian food vendors (and a random other few,) arts and crafts booths, and live music stages, playing everything from classic rock to “It’s Amore.”

Detesto l’uomo che manda giù il suo cibo non sapendo che cosa mangia. Dubito del suo gusto in cose più importanti.” (“I hate the man who eats without knowing what he’s eating. I doubt his taste in more important things.”) -Charles Lamb

Badda bing, badda bang…Gnochhi, Cannoli, Lasagna, Chianti and linguine for all.