Feeling French (with new wines from Heinen’s!)


Hey friends. Hope everyone had a great weekend and an awesome Monday /Tuesday to get the week started. This past one was a quiet weekend for me and Baby Ninja, but honestly with the cold temps and the rainy Saturday it was a great excuse to stay inside and get caught up on a few house things …including pulling out a few fall sweaters. Seriously, can we talk about how fall fashions are the best? I love colored tights in bright hues, and how about a new slouchy sweater over a pair of comfy boyfriend jeans…bring on fall I am ready for you.

You know what else I love about fall? All the fall wines that will soon be popping up on the shelves of your local grocer. I’m not talking about just any new wines..I am especially interested in the French wines that are being imported from across the pond especially for Heinen’s and for us to buy and enjoy this fall.


Recently I was invited to attend a very informative wine tasting hosted by the wine enthusiasts at Heinen’s to show and share their new French wine offerings. Not only were the varietals delicious and unique, but each bottle was affordable and totally an option for a weeknight dinner pairing. French wines are known to be on the more pricey side, but the team at Heinen’s have used their relationships with the actual wineries to make great French wines at an affordable cost for all of their grocery stores in the area, you’ve got to pick up a few bottles next time you stop in. Happy fall everyone, happy French wines to all.


I was invited to attend a French Wine Tasting at Heinen’s as part of their public relations efforts. Thanks for supporting these local businesses that allow me to create special content like this for iheartcleveland!