Full GREEN ahead.

Hello & happy week of the green, the Irish, the Guinness, the leprechaun and most of all, the week of corned beef and cabbage.

Isn’t St Patricks Day grand? Besides Tribe Opening Day, March 17th truly signifies the coming of spring to many Clevelanders.

Spring and perhaps, skipping school (work), a green tongue due to the ghastly food coloring poured into your pitcher, a crowded RTA ride down to public square and lots of screaming fans of every Northeast Ohio Irish American bagpipe player….men in skirts, swoon!

I just thought I’d share a few of my favorite to-do’s on St Patty’s Day, in case you haven’t already firmed up plans.

Start off your morning with some super yummy raisin soda bread. Blackbird Bakery and Breadsmith make tasty bread and while I am not 100%, I would bet On The Rise and Stone Oven will also mix up a batch or two. This dense bakery is the perfect way to soak up your morning cocktails.

After filling your tummy with a hearty breakfast, hop on the Rapid and head downtown to the annual Cleveland parade. WARNING, this parade is not for the faint of hearts the overwhelming display of public intoxication and green clothing accessories (boas, beads, knee socks, tattoos, crowns, etc.) make people watching half the fun.It is usually pretty “PG” but often turns “R” as the day goes on. (something to consider for all you parents with little ones)

If you need a break while you are downtown there are lots of fun events happening on East 4th. Many of the restaurants are offering lunch specials as well as opening their patios for the reported 60 degree weather. I’m sure it will be super packed, but again, embrace the crowd and celebrate with your fellow Irishmen.

By now you may have had a few libations and are looking for what’s next. Music, music and more music! Live performers will be all over the city that day, and this is the time I get myself out of downtown and find a local pub to “recover” in. The bagpipe and Celtic tunes sound better when accompanied by a stiff Irish coffee.

If you need a sugar injection between the afternoon and the evening hours, the traditional McDonalds Shamrock Shake is a MUST. however, for those of us purists, make sure to request no whip and no cherry. How can they mess with a sure thing?

To close the day wrap up the evening strong at The Harp with the Boys from County Hell. They know how to draw a crowd, to get you up and dancing and to keep everyone going strong. Add a shot or two of Jameson in the mix and you’ll get your third wind for the day.

So with that, enjoy your St. Patrick’s Cleveland. Be safe.