Gibbs Butcher Block at the old mill

Hey you! The other day I went on an adventure. I had sent my friend an early morning text (I’m talking 7am-ish) about kicking of Memorial Day weekend by going for plants and flowers before going into work. She had the genius idea to head out to a large wholesale greenhouse and fill my car with flats of crawling greens, succulents, herbs, pretty pansies, vines and so much more I can’t even begin to remember. All I know is that planting all the little beauties kept me busy for most of the following Saturday..tons of’s a good thing!

Anyhow, on our “operation plants” adventure I couldn’t help but to stop at the cutest butcher shop on the corner of Rt. 252 and Sprague in Columbia Station. Gibbs Butcher Block at the Old Mill the largest butcher shop I have ever stumbled upon. Literally it had rows and rows of every type and flavor of sausage one could imagine. From tequila lime pork, to Great Lakes beer infused meat and if you like hot sausage..check out the cherry bomb sausage.

Every Saturday Gibbs offers free gourmet sausage samplings…I’m telling you, I can’t wait to go back. It’s the perfect place to go for any cook out, family party, big barbeque bash and on and on. All the staff was so helpful and knowledgeable about their creations…vegetarians beware, this place is oozing with all things meaty.

I’m telling you, if you are between gardening and craving some creative meaty flavors, head out to Gibbs in Columbia Station!  :)