gift of graeters

Like I mentioned yesterday, I have been receiving emails left and right about upcoming spring events, and I have been trying my best to touch base on most of them..but when this SWEET opportunity came across my desk I just couldn’t say no.

While this site isn’t usually a place for product reviews but more of a “what’s happening in Cleveland type of blog” I justified the following by letting all the Cleveland GRAETERS fans know that our local Giant Eagle would now be carrying Oprah Winfrey’s favorite flavors in Northeast Ohio….forget it, “they had me at hello ice cream!”

So a large Styrofoam cooler arrived at my office where I excitedly pried open the lid to my excitement of four pints of this special creamy concotion. I quickly stuck it in the freezer with plans on sampling it that night at home. I invited one of my close friends over, with spoon in one hand and glass of vino in the other we spent the evening tasting all four flavors; mint chocolate chip,  black raspberry chocolate chip, vanilla chocolate chip and I believe the last flavor was mocha chocolate chip (brain freeze!)

How had I lived in Ohio for over a dozen years and never experienced the oh-so-famous Graeters? It had a totally different creamy texture than my local favorite Mitchell’s. It’s more traditional flavor options were in no way competing with those unique Jeni’s flavors (Bangkok Peanut!) NOW, I finally understand what all the hype and excitement about the arrival of Graeters to our community represents.

So thanks Graeters for letting me in on your super sweet secret, I now need to go run on the treadmill for hours and hours (Did you know you only burn around 100 calories per mile run? Put’s things in perspective, right?) but it was TOTALLY worth every delightful spoonful! Thank you!