Give back

You are blessed.

Anyone who has time to squeeze in a blog read or two is blessed.

You have health. You have family & friends. And most likely each evening your heat is turned up to a toasty 68 degrees.

Every holiday season, it gets me thinking how lucky and blessed I am and how I could help those who aren’t so lucky.

Have you ever worked at a soup kitchen? It really opens your eyes to how blessed you are. It awakens the compassionate soul and teaches you the idea of being so truly humble and grateful.

If you have always wanted to try to volunteer at a soup kitchen here are a few things you should consider….

1. Find out which soup kitchens are located in your area. Do a search online, look in the phone book, call information or ask your city or town clerk.

Some of the larger Cleveland area soup kitchens that need are….
> Zion Soup Kitchen (call 216.861.2371)
> St Malachi Center (call 216.771.3036)
> Trinity Cathedral (call 216.774.0425)
> Cleveland Catholic Charities (call 216.334.2961)

2. Contact a local soup kitchen and tell them you’d like to help.

3. Organize a group of people from your circle of friends, your neighborhood, work, your church or synagogue who are willing to volunteer on Thanksgiving.

4. Understand that the soup kitchen needs lots of help in other areas besides food service. Offer to pick up donations, do an inventory on them and store them away. You might also set up tables, prepare the food and help clean up after the meal is through.

5. Include your children in your efforts. This is a great way to teach them the importance of community service.

6. Consider making this a tradition in your family every year. Counting your blessings and helping people in need is a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving.

If you have other volunteer options or ideas please make a comment.