Good to Go Cafe!


The other day I had the chance to swing into the new Good to Go Café, located inside the new(ish) Fairmont Creamery Building in Tremont. Let’s just say Anna and her team are mixing up some creative, healthy recipes for those of us seeking dining alternative options.


I can’t tell you exactly what was in my slushy but it was something like apples, ginger and lime…I think. What I do know is it was 100% fruit, chilled to a fine icy texture, a morning treat for sure. Along with my slushy I also had an incredible, gluten-free coconut, cocoa muffin that was literally melt in your mouth delicious, you would never know it didn’t have the typically muffin ingredients.


The space is filled with lots of green hues and tons of natural light, perfect for her wall pocket garden. There is a little bar with stools if you want to grab your coffee or juice with a friend…although they also have a huge “take away” following as well…you make the call.



So, moral of this story…if you are feeling like you want to try something new, fresh and good for your body go see the team at Good to Go cafe for something delicious AND nutritious! Cheers to you, cheers to healthy living.