Guest Post : Blog-The New Black

Hello and happy Wednesday all you fellow love month lovers!

At the beginning of the year I did a little “shout out” for monthly guest posts from other CLE lovers. While I love to post as much and as often as possible, this opportunity gives other passionate bloggers to share with my readers a bit about them. While also introducing you to another CLE blogger.

Today’s February guest post comes from Nadine over at Blog-The New Black. I actually had the privileged of meeting this stylish Clevelander at our yoga & wine event back in December and was excited when she volunteered to guest post.

In honor of this upcoming Valentines spirited weekend, I asked Nadine to write a little ditty about what her ideal night on the town might be…take a look at what she included. Take it away Nadine…

“Nadine here from Blog-The New Black (and Cleveland City Living.) Charity was kind enough to let me share the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Cleveland with you all. Remember when she wrote, Cleveland is My Paris? Well, just like the city of lights and the city of love- Cleveland has plenty to offer. Our city has an amazing variety of romance tucked into nooks and crannies all over town. Cleveland is where I met the love of my life, and below is a snapshot of some of the best ways to show your darling and your city some love.

For Drinks: There are plenty of sexy hideaways all over town that let you enjoy a libation or two. My personal favorite resides on Columbus Avenue behind the doors of an unassuming storefront. The Velvet Tango Room is more than a cocktail lover’s dream come true. A swanky nod to the past; this speakeasy boasts a wonderful piano player, kind and courteous staff, and a secret passageway. My personal favorites to indulge with are the French 75 and the Bourbon Daisy. Cuddle close under the mood lighting to sip, share, and unwind.

For Viewing: When it comes to our art scene Cleveland can go tête á tête with any other city. From VTR head East for the evening. Stop off at the newly opened Rotten Meat Gallery in Midtown. While the name doesn’t exactly scream romance, check out there current exhibit which features a Royal Flush of artwork and other graffiti inspired pieces. The show isn’t themed on love, but the heart suit adds a nice kitschy touch to the holiday celebration. This laid back gallery is a perfect break between drinks and dinner. There is nothing like exploring in your own city and this gallery will more than surprise you.

For Dining: University Circle is Cleveland’s cultural paradise, but on Valentine’s Day leave the finale of your evening up to Zack Bruell and the team at L’Albatros. Give the French the credit they deserve when it comes to love by enjoying an amazingly decadent meal with your darling. The modern European decor and the beautifully presented food is definitely an evening to remember. Share the fois gras and a world class cheese plate. After dinner order a Fleur De Lis (it’s not on the menu, but this champagne cocktail gives the French 75 a run for its money!)”

Thanks again Nadine. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and favorite places with the iheartcleveland readers. Happy Valentines Day!