Happy hearts day & Kate Spade

Hello and happy hearts day Cleveland. Hope you are enjoying  today’s flurries mixed with your best pink and red fashions. I personally think today is in the top three of all holidays with a close first and second being Christmas & Halloween. This morning when I went to the gym, the woman welcome me with those fun googly heart headbands…you know the ones on springs? Its a holiday to be silly to be sassy or to just be sappy. There are many “faces of Valentines” for sure.

Have you sent your bestie a card? Your little sister? Or perhaps your sweetie, I know just where you can find some great online ecards…head on over to my favorite fashionista’s blog…Miss Kate Spade. She has a variety of designs perfect for any special person in your life. Take a look and send away. (I heart the “Let’s make out” design!)

With this said, for those of you who follow me on twitter (@iheartclev) you know I am usually a sleepy tweeter, not saying all too much. However you may have noticed my as of late tweets to “Kate.”

This season the creative and PR team over at the retro inspired fashion house is taking a bus tour, filled with a real pop up boutique inspired by rocker Florence Broadhurst, and Cleveland MUST get their attention so they will stop here. Don’t you think it would be awesome if the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame could twist their arm to park in front of the Museum for all of us to come and shop? Not only would it be a great photo opp, but we Clevelanders HEART Kate and would for sure love us some floral Tretorns. They should totally come for the upcoming Rock Hall inductions don’t you think? If you agree, help me “move that bus” to Cleveland Ohio by tweeting @katespadeny welcoming them (in our best Midwest manners) to join us for the celebration! It would be SO SO FUN!

Enough of my soap box…I need to plan tonight’s sweetie dinner…must swing by Heinens to pick up some special dinner ingredients (bubbles & chocolate) on the way home.

Cheers & Love you Cleveland!