Heinen’s Downtown

photo 1

By now you’ve probably heard that there is a new grocery store downtown? (ha ha ha) Last Sunday, through the big snowstorm we thought it would be “very urban of us” to trek down to Heinen’s and do our weekly shopping in this new downtown, city architectural gem. The new store did not disappoint.

From the gorgeous stained glass window in the main rotunda to the cozy aisles of weekly pantry needs, our trip was filled with adventure while addressing the rather monotonous, task of weekly grocery shopping.

photo 1 copyphoto 3Fellow new CLE moms, my only word of advice…when shopping with a little one in this location plan to “baby-carry,” as some of the aisles are a bit snug for our sub-urban baby joggers and the carts don’t have a place for little ones. No big deal for now, but give Baby Ninja a few more squirmy months and I can only imagine running around the rotunda with him…not in a good way.

As always, the produce was awesome. The meat and fish sparkled all fresh and pretty displayed in the new shiny cases. The little wellness area called me to buy a handful of unique granola bars. If you haven’t gone on your own grocery-store-field-trip to this new Heinen’s location, I think you should check it out soon!