Helvetica café : Lakewood

Morning CLE! Here’s to another chilly wet day in north east Ohio. Perfect excuse for that extra large latté, that big bowl of chili or something warm and scrumptious that you might not otherwise indulge in; heck going on day #6 of this weather…we all deserve a treat!

The other day during all this rain and nastiness I had the pleasure of checking out the new juice bar and cafe located on the east end of Lakewood – Helvetica. As a designer by day the swiss type reference intrigued myself and my colleagues enough to peel ourselves away from typical lunch “pinning” and venture out into the rain for a potential new lunch hot spot!

Helvetica exceeded our expectations all around. The menu of savory tacos, sweet crepes, tropical fruit juices and fair trade coffee was well priced and super satisfying. The service was friendly and really knowledgeable about all the unique fruity drinks on the menu (what’s a lulo fruit?) and last the space was a funky mix of design elements and coffee house cool including a small design reference library for all you typeface nerds like myself!

Check out their facebook page for daily specials. Stop by on your way downtown in the a.m. for coffee and a bit of bakery. Host your next committee meeting there for tacos. Support local!