illuminated artwork

Hey CLE…did everyone run out and raid their garage for a shiny tomato cage last night? I’m glad so many of you liked the simple idea of how to add a touch of holiday flair to any room.

Picking up on the holiday craft ideas, today we are going to make illuminated artwork for any space in your pad.

If you’re just not in the mood for the traditional stockings hanging on your mantel this year, then these illuminated paintings might just fit the bill. It’s an easy project to complete with just a few simple steps.

Step 1 : Purchase varying sized canvases, paint and multiple strands of white holiday twinkle lights from your local craft store.

Step 2 : Plan and draw your artwork, whether it be anything from holiday sayings (happy holidays, joyeaux noel, joy to the world, go browns!) to patterns or imagery near and dear to your heart. I chose the State of Ohio, Merry Happy (to cover both holidays) and a fun sparkly pattern.

Step 3 : Using acrylic paints, paint on your designs

Step 4 : I affixed the twinkle lights two different ways. On the State of Ohio canvas, I made tiny little holes and pushed the individual lights through the canvas. Warning, this can get frustrating if the bulb pops out or loosens, you have to wiggle it back into place to ensure the entire strand works. In that case, you might like the second option better. On the other two panels (merry/happy & polka dots) I taped the lights to the back of the canvas for a slightly more subtle glow that still was effective in lighting up the front artwork.

Step 5 : Place the canvases where you see fit, have an extension cord handy and enjoy the glow of holiday fun and a job well done.

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