Jet’s Pizza

photoGood Monday morning friends. How were your weekends? I hope everyone was able to go out and explore something new in our city.

We had an amazing time Saturday evening at both the new Harness Cycle; Hingetown Studio opening party as well as Playhouse Squares 23rd Annual Jump Back Ball. A fun filled evening out on the town catching up with tons of friends is seriously the perfect night out in my books.

Sunday was quiet recovering from Saturday evening’s festivities filled with House of Cards, house stuff AND my new latest favorite pizza delivery, Jet’s Pizza! Founded in Michigan (don’t hold it against them!) this franchise is quietly joining the ranks of Ohio’s best delivery for a deep dish slice. Their pizzas are square in shape with a crispy crust and plenty of cheese and toppings; I’m telling you you’ve got to try it. If you liked a Pizza Hut crust circa 1990, then you will love Jet’s. Best part, there was plenty left over, enough to pack in my Monday lunch today. Yumm.

This week proves to be a busy and fun one. How about you? Any great last week of February celebrations? Wasn’t it just January? Where is 2014 going?

Have a great pizza-filled Monday everyone. Cheers!