Land of Nod Organized + giveaway


Hey CLE, happy tricks and treats week! Did you get to dress up this past weekend and get your costume party on? I saw so many of you dressed up on Instagram and facebook and I have to say, GREAT JOB!

Today I am going to share my third Land of Nod post-partnership. I have had the pleasure to work with Land of Nod on my little home blog nook as well as last months man-child birthday celebration it just goes to show Land of Nod offers more than just kids things. This past weekend I was starting to prep our home for hosting Thanksgiving and it was time to get our kitchen organized to make entertaining easy. Plus it just needed some attention.

To make our built in storage solution I turned to Land of Nod, some good old elbow grease, satin grey & white paint and contact paper to clean up our large built in cabinet for the upcoming holiday season.


First I took everything off my shelves, decided I really didn’t need a small tv in my kitchen, moved by cookbooks to a different bookshelf and removed all the rest of the nic nacs that I didn’t really NEED in the kitchen. Then we spent the weekend priming and painting the sage and pink cabinets giving them a fresh grey and white facelift. We left the pegboard background because I really liked how it popped with the new white color. Then it was time to add some storage solutions.


I hid/organized all of our spices in the smaller (1) Canvas Drawer Organizers. One for spicy spices (cumin, chili powders, corianders & curry) and for sweet spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spices, almond extract & vanilla beans) and a third for more random spices (bay leaves, herbs de provence, paprika & tarragon to name a few!) These smaller bins keep things organized and upright. The chrome pull ring keeps the container clean and neat while in the middle of cooking some wild recipe.

For the everyday snacks, munchies and grab & go breakfast options I choose the (2) Grey Striped Storage Bins. They are both graphic and large enough to cover all the not-so-pretty pretzel and granola bar packages. I actually think I need to order a few more of these to add to the until, I really love the large rope handles. graphic and practical.


I like their (3) Wire Stacking Storage Bins and use them for upcoming entertaining or dinner mealtime prep. If I know I’m making a pasta feast that night I will place all the pantry items in the basket to make cooking after work dinner that much easier. I also keep some local specialty foods their not only for their great packaging, but for treats when guests pop over for a visit…nuts, crackers and cheese a must.


Last but least, I personally LOVE the (4) Three-Tiered Market Bin to store and display citrus for cocktails and garnish. Not only is it pretty but it reminds me to add fresh lemon and lime juice to my everyday water intake. So much better than the squeeze bottle citrus juice.

Land of Nod has so many storage options for any of your many rooms. I had a hard time committing to white, wire and grey as I tend to sway towards the bright colors but I’m glad I did. With all the food packaging, the various vintage drinkware and cake platters, the citrus and my vintage yellow Dansk enamelware collection add just the right pop of color to my organized cabinet.

Feeling like it’s time to get organized? Would you like to win a set of store by numbers cube bins (see below?) Just tweet me“@iheartclev I need to get organized with @TheLandofNod this fall!”  The winner will be drawn by random end of day Thursday, November 7th. Good luck!


Next time you are in the search for storage solutions, look no further than The Land of Nod.

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with The Land of Nod. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thanks for supporting this sponsor that allow me to create special content like this for iheartcleveland!