lilacs & healthy living!

Good morning! While it is super chilly, and I couldn’t bring myself to wear tights anymore, I sit here with goosebumps awaiting the weeks warmer temps. How aout you guys, did anyone bust out their winterwear this morning? Smart!

One of the things that I LOVE about this time of year are all the amazing flowering trees we have in Northeast Ohio…especially lilacs. The white ones are my favorites, then the super dark purple ones and I would never turn away a bundle of the simple everyday light lavender hue as well.

In my old house I used to have a sappling of a white lilac tree in the backyard, when I first moved in it was thought to be a weed and mowed over, little did I know I’d spend the next ten years waiting for a fragrant bloom to fill a tiny vase on my countertop. While my new home doesn’t have lilacs (YET!) I have been enjoying the neighboring trees on my way to work each day. The limbs of the trees hang heavy with these massive floral blooms, just begging to be cut. If you’ve got one, watch out I may just pull over and snag a few branches for my studio desk. Unless you want to just to trim me off a few pretty branches? :)

Enough about my lilac infatuation…did you know this weekend in the CLE is a filled with opportunities for healthy living, sweat, sparkly good play fun? From the 10K, half & full marathon of this years Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, to the second annual Bike for Beck road race through the Metroparks, to checking out the new Cleveland Yoga uptown location ($15 for a week unlimited practice to all new students) there are somany opportunities to move for bosy and get fit for summer. Good luck to all my runner friends who are tackling this weekends run, looks like the weather is going to be gorgeous.

Have a wonderful tuesday everybody. Stop and smell the lilacs. And if you are so inclined get out there and register for a spring fitness healthy living event around town. Peace.