Literary Lots (lots of fun!)

Hello and happy Tuesday everybody. So much happening this week in the CLE and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous, sunny & low 70’s!

Have you seen the super adorable Literary Lots located in Novak Park, close to Bridge & Fulton, near La Petite triangle? It is just too sweet for words.


The brain child of a group of engaged, urban planning educators and artists, this group should be SO PROUD of their accomplishments.


What is Literary Lots? (Besides ADORBS?) “Literary Lots brings magic and the power of imagination to urban kids by turning vacant, underutilized spaces into scenes from children’s books. By working transformative experience that combines creative land re-use, artist engagement, youth education, and urban renewal to be enjoyed by all.”

I literally had to pull my car over and stare for a few minutes. Taking in the bold colors, the whimsy artwork and the well executed project, I was thrilled for them. Check out the insanely sweet mural by Julia Kuo and the dreamlike grilled cheese sailboat; the perfect reading nook.


Besides just being a place to read and make art, there is a lot of great programming included in their effort. For example join Mitchell’s Ice Cream TONIGHT from 7-8pm for  free ice cream social; all ages welcome…that means you too adults!


Saturday night they are hosting an outdoor, sunset movie night for all ages. Who doesn’t love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Bring your kids and all of your other sweethearts…It’s a not to be missed. It’s gonna be a sweet time!

Have a great day and get yourselves down to Literary Lots before it’s back to school time.