Luna Bakery = love

Morning CLE. The other morning I had a the opportunity to have a pre-work breakfast at this bakery that only existed in my wildest dreams. It was tiny, filled with light and tucked away in the corner of a thriving neighborhood. Upon entering  the scent of butter wafts through the air like a spring perfume. The pretty bakery creations are displayed on the counters, the coffee is perking and the friendly staff wait to serve you a morning meal with a smile. Luna Bakery was not in my dreams but instead on Fairmount Boulevard in Cleveland Heights.

For breakfast I enjoyed a nest egg; reminiscent of the kind my mom used to make my sisters and I on busy school mornings. It was crafted from the finest toast held together with melting cheddar cheese and a fresh egg to complete the middle of the nest. Along with our morning meals we also sampled a blueberry scone and packed up a few exquisite hand-painted macarons for the road.

Can I just tell you how thrilled I was to discover such a wonderful bakery located not in a little arrondissement in Paris, but on the east side of our city? Hats off to you Luna, I am so happy you are here in my town!