Magazine Monday : Halle in More

My favorite thing to do on a road trip is bring a stack of magazines and go through them one more time before recycling them to my local YMCA. I tear and rip out articles that may pertain to me or my fellow magazine-reading pals, sometimes I pull out things that I want to look up online and every once and awhile I even find little tid bits that I want to share here, on iheartcleveland.

Now don’t ask why I read More Magazine, I mean I don’t have anything against those women over forty…but Mom, really? Next time you buy me a subscription can you please send me Oprah, Martha or Shape? Although I appreciate reading about empty nesters, camouflaging sun spots and how to save for my child’s college education…the latest cocktail, the newest designer and exciting art exhibits across the country are more up my alley. (It’s the thought that counts Mom.)

Onto this post…As I was sitting in the back seat on our weekend road trip reading this months More Magazine, I came across a great little article on Cleveland-born Halle Berry. If you are a lover of this phenomenal actress check out her up and coming fragrance she is launching at Target soon. She is over 40, from Cleveland, a brilliant actress and a successful entrepreneur…Cleveland give me a whoop whoop for Ms Halle Berry! (If anyone wants to read the whole article, I will be bringing a stack to the Y this week…look for it there.)