Making Cheese with Lake Erie Creamery


Good morning Cleveland. Hope everyone had a great weekend and snowy commute into work today. I love the way the snow looks as it covers the ground, all sparkly and fresh. Good things our leaves got picked up last weekend or we would have a real mess on our hands. Phew!

Anyhow onto my really fun adventure of the day; a trip to Lake Erie Creamery with owner Brian Moran and cheese maker Carol. It all started a few weeks ago when I picked up the cutest postcard at The Cheese Shop inside the Westside Market. It was for an artisan cheese maker called Lake Erie Creamery. Like all cool postcards they somehow make it out of my big purse and onto my desk for online investigation. Upon discovering the creamery was just down the road I thought I
would drop them a note and let them know what a great card they had and how if they ever hosted an event or such they wanted to promote on the blog to just let me know. I love promoting Cleveland small business owners.

LEC_6Brian responded almost immediatley. Inviting me to swing by to take a few pics and learn more about their process and some of their cheese varieties; goat, feta and blomma. We set a date, I brought my friend Michelle along and off we were to explore Cleveland cheesemaking at it’s finest.


Upon our arrival Brian had us slip on shoe covers and hair nets as he had planned to put us to work that morning. It may sound “cheesy” but we were thrilled to help Brian out in bagging up the morning batch of fresh chevre; one scoop of curd at a time.


We learned about the entire process from pasteurization to adding various flavors  to the chevre like lemon zest, orange rind and tarragon. We got the scoop on the new packaging efforts that are underway in order better sell to local retailers. We learned the science behind making the perfect rind. We even got to sample many of Brian’s most recent creations, each one better than the other.


Currently you can find Lake Erie Creamery at the Westside Market The Cheese Shop as well as around town at many of the locally owned restaurants including Tartine, Deagan’s and Amp 150. But don’t fret I bet that in the next few months you will see Brian’s cheeses coming to a grocery near you…they are just that good!


Did you know you can take a bit of lemon chevre and mix it with a bit of champagne vinegar for a light salad vinaigrette? Did you also know that the lime chevre stuffed inside a little hot peppers wrapped with bacon would make a great Thanksgiving appetizer? There are so many uses for these varieties of cheese. Go get yours at the market and start experimenting this weekend!

Thanks to Brian and his staff for welcoming us and showing us how to pour and pull a fantastic creamy goat cheese. Chalk it up for life experiences. Happy Tuesday everybody, go buy some cheese!