Making pastry with the chef’s of Urban Farmer

PASTRYCLASSPROMO_03302016_v3 (2)[Hf7y]While I’m pretty confident I can whip up a good coconut cupcake or banana bread, when it comes to fine pastry making I’m a total novice. Enter the Pastry Chef Kara from Urban Farmer! Join me and Chef Kara Saturday, May 28th  from 1-3:30pm for an afternoon of learning  as she teaches us about the art of making and decorating pastries! Let’s just say this afternoon is gonna be so “SWEET” I can barely wait! Get your reservation in today…I’m sure this event will fill up fast!

SPONSORED POST : I was invited to attend the pastry making class at Urban Farmers as part of their social engagements efforts. Thanks for supporting this sweets destination as they allow me to share special content like this for iheartcleveland!