mixing business with pleasure


(Photo above includes : Katrina from Bite Buff, Miss Kelly (of Kelly & José!), my friend Lindsay, the always stylish Suzanne and social diva Nadine!)

Happy Monday to you. How was your weekend in the 216? All good here, more home improvements, got my run on, Browns game in the sunshine, dining out and time at work…all makes me a very happy camper.

While I normally don’t share much about my work life, last week was such a wonderful example of how friends outside of work came together to celebrate summer, small business ownership, local artists and a sweet donut maker. I had to give them a shout out!

Thanks to some of my lovely social friends for supporting our graphic design business; Chartreuse Inc. and it’s 4th Annual Art in the Parc client (& friend) appreciation evening here at the studio. It was a wonderful event, filled with shopping, networking, cocktailing and yes…plenty of mini doughnuts!

I feel very lucky to have a wonderful group of supportive friends in this CLE-community that I couldn’t even imagine what life would be like in any other city. I love this city, I love being a small business owner and I am so appreciate of all of the wonderful friends I have; Thanks guys!

Have a great week everybody. Looks like it’s gonna be a hot one. What to wear? Summer clothes? Fall clothes? I can’t figure it out…