my trip to Target

targetSo over the weekend I did the typical Saturday trip to Target. I had a list and really just wanted to run in and out, picking up exactly what I was there for. I needed some eye makeup remover and face wipes, I wanted some mints for my car, I also wanted to get some new lotion to cure the winter-time dry skin and I had seen these cute plastic trays that I wanted to see if they still had in the dollar section. Didn’t seem like a big shopping trip perhaps under twenty dollars? I could be in and out quickly because I was sure it would be crowded on a Saturday afternoon…but does that really ever happen when you go to Target?


When in the said dollar aisle I discovered their latest, sweet stationary line filled with patterned file folders (3 for $1,) mechanical gold foil pencils (4 for $1,) pretty packs of thank you notes (6 for $1,) tiny pink post it notes  and a bold floral pattern post it pad.

Not only did I get lured into the budget stationary line, I found a new set of Nate Berkus sheets on super dooper sale and I totally snapped them up!

So, while my trip was supposed to be ten minutes and twenty dollars…I spent about a half an hour perusing the end cap sale sections and spent just under fifty dollars. Please tell me this happens to you too?

All in all I guess it could have been worse…I mean did you see Target is now carrying Vitamix; also displayed on an end cap? So tempting…Happy shopping, happy Target everybody.