NEW running shoes from Second Sole

IMG_1466Hey friends! Hope you are having a great weekend. These gray skies are sorta getting to me, how bout you? I am so ready for the white powder stuff…bring it! I have a killer new set of snowshoes from “Santa” that I am dying to take out for a spin…or a hike!


The good thing of having no snow is that I have been hitting the pavement for a run here and there which is sorta a treat in the middle of January.

IMG_1477So the other day I was thinking about my running kicks…they are an awesome pair of New Balance but I’ve had them for over four years…too long. I had picked up a more recent pair at one of the fitness big box stores, but honestly I never liked how they felt when I was running, they even sometimes put my toes to sleep. So with that, I had to go check out the new(ish) Second Sole.

IMG_1469Have you been to the new Second Sole in Lakewood yet? It’s incredible! From the latest in apparel, to all sorts of shoes options, to the bars and the gu’s…if you like to run this is your new hot spot.

IMG_1474IMG_1476I started with New Balances, ran around the store in Mizuno’s, did a few (baby) sprints in Brooks and even explored Saucony’s. The staff at Second Sole was super helpful, only recommend shoes to support my stride and even humored me when I wouln’t even try on a pair because the looked lime “Nemo” shoes. Long story short…I ended up with a raspberry, mint, lime pair of Brooks! They are pretty snazzy and I am convinced I am going to run faster and farther. ha ha!


(so much fun running-shoe-shopping! New shoes not shown above.)

So next time you are in the market for some new sneaks and are looking for some great recommendations and shoe fitting knowledge, go visit the team at Second Sole. I promise you will find something for any walking and running fitness abilities and goals!