New Wine Bar!

When you are with a close friend do you ever wish the conversation and the time spent together would never end? I do. Sometimes I sit back and realize that I’m growing older, (perhaps because my birthday is looming)  and that we are ALL growing older together and what makes life so precious is the good relationships we make while we are around…Is that me or the wine talking? :)

The other night myself and one of my closest friends had the opportunity to visit the newly opened Battery Park Wine Bar and let me just say, it’s AMAZING. Everything from the adorable retail wine “boutique” in the front of the space (I’m thinking it will be my place to go for that emergency-snow-must-have-a-bottle-of-wine-run) to the beautiful wood bar made from repurposed local timbers, no details has been overlooked.

I’m actually looking forward to going back to try out their yummy menu, it seriously looked wonderful, the perfect pairing to add to any wine drinking evening out type of munchies.

I guess the only bone I have to pick with them is this whole “Y.O.L.O.” thing? (on their menus, mailers, etc.) As a designer and brand consultant I think they are having a bit of new business identity crisis.

“The name of the restaurant is called The Battery Park Wine Bar, but we wanted to call it YOLO, but we couldn’t name it that because someone else has that name” they explained to us.

“What does “YOLO stand for?”  “You Only Live Once!” I smiled and agreed that YOLO is a wonderful wine bar concept, however my professional experience and opinion must kick in on this one… moving forward, I will be referring to the bar as “The Battery Park Wine Bar; where you only live once.” (rolls right off your tongue like…sorta like a Pinot)

The interior still has the smell of new construction, but the warmth of the bricks and the charming employees made it seem like this establishment has been there for years and years. This weekend grab a group and go explore this new find…located under the Battery Park smoke stack.