North Union Farmers Market @ the Clinic

Happy Thursday to you. Another sunny, hot day in the city. It’s been so steamy at my house (due to lack of AC) that the other night I had to take down my picture frame art wall due to some of the frames dropping like flies. A) Ikea frames are pretty fragile and bust when dropped from over 4 feet above the ground and B) 3M sticky velcro strips don’t love humidity. So, with that said I have a bit of hammer, nail and new frame project for this weekend….on to the good stuff!

Yesterday we took a lunch field trip to check out the 6th year collaboration of the Cleveland Clinic and North Union Farmers Market. Every Wednesday from 10:30-1:30 (through the end of August) you can find interns, doctors, steel drum bands, celebrity chefs (sometimes) and lots of visitors mingling in the courtyard of the clinic over fresh veggies, fruits & culinary creations.

We had a spinach & feta pie, a sample of some yummy pasta & veggie salad (Thanks chef Zach Bruell for the nice demo!) and to top it off a sweet cucumber mint popsicle delight.

One thing I enjoyed best about the market was all the color and size variations in the everyday veggie selelction. Purple califlower, red & white striped beets (that don’t bleed pink!), mini carrots of all colors and so many pretty peaches, the colors were endless.

(Chef Bruell discussing summer veggies with on of the market goers)

Mini asian eggplant and green beans are in season…go get some.

My two pretty friends Amber & Michelle enjoying a popsicle in the summer sun from area vendor Popsmith. Nice guy but even tastier ice delights.

Anyhow, what I’m saying is sometimes you have to get our there and explore all of these amazing farmers markets around town to expericence fresh and colorful produce and food creations. To find a North Union Farmers Market close to your home check out their site, you won’t be dissappointed! (Oh…bring cash & your own bag)