Ohio Wines, perfect for summer fun!

IMG_2754The other night my family and I went to one of Cleveland’s coolest summer happenings, WOW…Wade Oval Wednesday. It was SO packed with people because Carlos Jones was playing and there were also FIREWORKS! All in all, super fun though.

It was the perfect evening to pack a picnic, a few fun lawn toys for the little guy and a bottle of crisp, cold Chardonnay…Ohio Made! Did you know that there are nearly 200 wineries in our great State of Ohio? So many more than I imagined.

So anyhow, in order to celebrate Ohio Wineries and all the yummy wine we produce I thought I would pick up a few bottles and take them with us on our picnic night at Wade Oval for a tasting with good music and GREAT friends.

We really enjoyed a bottle of Pinot Grigio bottle from Laurello Vineyards grown close to Geneva, OH. It was crisp and perfect for an evening picnic complete with cheese, crackers and Ohio-grown blueberries. So the moral of this post is, don’t disregard our Ohio Wines when shopping for summer picnics, parties and dinner soirée’s, they are just as crisp and bold, dry and buttery as many of the California and French wines we are familiar with. Trust me…I don’t joke about wine! HA!

IMG_2747Happy long weekend everyone. Next time you are out shopping or grabbing a bottle of vino to take to a summer picnic, don’t disregard all of the great choices we have from Ohio! #30CheersOH #OhioWine