Opening Day & Dream!

Happy Opening Day all you Tribe Fans! The sun is shining and temps are pretty good so get downtown and cheer on those Indians! If you are looking for a few tips about Opening Day take a look at last years recap that I posted, I think most of the info is still relevant.

Now, onto my wild dream I had last night….

In my dream, I was front and center in a see of color and feathers. There were clowns running around and people flying off of walls and trampolines. There was a man with insane abs who reminded me of “He Man.” A gang of men were jumping rope, a man juggled ten “easter eggs” into the air and a pack of friends played with these spinning spools while flinging them into the sky on ropes? There was a little Buddha running around?

What had I eaten before bed to make me dreams these things? WAIT? Was this even a dream?

And then I pinched myself and realized I had taken a wild trip to Cirque du Soleil Dralion show. Seriously, it was over-the-top AWESOME! So don’t waste your Easter weekend dealing with a little egg hunt, I’m telling you this will WOW your family so much more than any Cadbury could.

So Go Tribe, see Dralion, happy almost Easter and don’t forget to enter yourself in the rock hall tickets and edible subscription giveaway!