Our CLE Village Dinner


Happy Thanksgiving week everyone. Are you ready for the festivities filled with family, friends and of course, food galore? This year I am looking forward to spending time with some great friends, relaxing and really being thankful for all that we have, especially our health and the health of our loved ones.


Today I want to share the gorgeous images from our I Heart Cleveland, Spice Acres and The Village Magazine dinner taken by the talented Aster & Olive Photography.


It was the perfect fall evening, the leaves had changed colors, there was a brisk chill to the air and about twenty Cleveland moms had gathered at Spice Acres thanks to our hostess Jackie Bebenroth and her husband Chef Ben.

Spice-21_lrWe gathered among the pines for a cup of  warm spiced cider, some marinated olives and fresh popped popcorn. We toured the farm learning about the piglets, sustainable farming practices and how chickens lay eggs. We talked about why it is important to try and feed our families locally grown produce and locally raised meats and dairy. We acknowledged that each of us were busy moms and that by making small changes in how we feed our families we could feel better knowing our children would grow up appreciating the idea of good food grown locally.

For more lovely images of the evening on the farm, scroll down below.


Spice-31_lrThis was a magical little conversation nook in the woods at Spice Acres, it truly was dreamy.

Spice-24_lrSpice-48_lrThose were the two roaming chicken coops that are moved around the farm every few days to ensure proper diet and good farming practices.

Spice-56_lrAt Spice Acres they are currently growing their own figs and ginger root. You can find the fruits of their labor muddled into many of the artisinal cocktails at Spice Kitchen and Bar in Gordon Square.

Spice-37)lrSpice-50_lrSpice-59_lrThe barn had the most magical, welcoming glow to it, it was stunning.

Spice-74_lrChef Ben Bebenroth created personal pizzas for each guests outdoors by the light of his bright headlamp. Every pizza was created with ingredients found on the farm made with love.

Spice-62_lrSpice-72_lrSpice-8_lrI enjoyed styling our tables for an evening filled with new and old friends gathering around a “farm chic” table. Stacks of vintage parenting and childrens books topped with simple vases of homegrown flowers made the centerpieces.

Spice-71_lrSpice-67_lrThe cupcakes were from Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes and the cookies were from the talented pastry chef at Spice Kitchen and Bar.

Spice-75_lrAfter dinner a bunch of strangers became quick friends as we shared our failures and successes in parenting. We swapped stories and became vulnerable to one another. We filed away nuggets of information and advice on how to raise our kids as informed, opinionated, creative individuals. We laughed a ton and committed to supporting one another as our own little “Village.”

Spice-98_lrSpice-97_lrSpice-104_lrSpice-101_lrSpice-88_lrBrooke Gammie of Quarry Hill Orchards spoke to us about her family apple farm and how the business is thriving and expanding into area markets and even into the public school system. Brooke also brought us fresh apples from their orchards which were amazing. Thanks Brooke!

Spice-81_lrThe structure of the dinner was provided by The Village Magazine including a list of question prompts for us. Our twist and turn conversation tangents made the dinner feel more authentic and overall just so much fun.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these amazing fall farm images. Thanks again Aster and Olive for joining us and capturing the evening. Happy Thanksgiving week everyone. Cheers to creating new friends!