Paintings by Meghann J. Snow

photo 5

So the other day I had gone by 78th Street Studios to stop into my favorite little tailor Margaret at Senjiva Studios to repair my crazy, fun, full-on sequin dress for this weekends Playhouse Square Jump Back Ball…when all of a sudden I turned the corner and POW…there were these amazing oversized paintings screaming out to me.

photo 1

Created by Meghann J. Snow, these 3 large format paintings were part of a series Meghann did when she was a visiting artist at Hillsborough College working alongside of their Dance Department. After investigating even more about the artist I came to find out she integrates dance, performance and video into most of her work. Just by looking at these three paintings you can feel the movement, the rhythm and the beat of the music as you sway following the lines of the black and bubblegum pink latex house paint medium.

photo 2These paintings are for sale and would look amazing in an large downtown loft or at some new restaurant space in town. If you know of anyone looking for a series of large paintings, these are my vote today!

And if you want to watch the artist actually create the artwork she has documented their creation with a video which I have included below.

I hope you enjoy this little find as much as I did.  Happy Wednesday everyone.

TIME TO GET PERSONAL from Meghann Snow on Vimeo.