Püre delite! Guiltfree Cupcakes

Right before the hustle and bustle of the final weeks of 2012, I received a lovely email from a new bakery in town offering me a few complimentary cupcakes…how could a girl turn that down? Püre delite; a guiltfree bakery located in both Strongville and Fairlawn make really great, healthy sweet treats and they were a welcome addition to the normal holiday treats.

Don’t get me wrong, I was a bit skeptical at first, “healthy cupcakes?” that’s why I agreed to receive a box of holiday treats and try them out. As a typical sweet lover I don’t mind the now and then splurge on a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting even if it does blow the calorie budget for the day or week, it usually curbs my craving for a month or so. But when I tried the guiltfree yummies, it really DID taste like it was just as buttery and sugary as all the rest of treats out there.  Each cupcake is lower in calories, fat, yadda yadda but really they are very tasty!

They came wrapped in a pretty bow, perfect for gift giving. They would make a great hostess party gift especially with all the resolutions floating around out there. Each cupcake has nutrition facts so you know what you are eating, another plus!

We shared our delivery with our mailman and favorite fed-ex delivery guy and I would say that everyone enjoyed this great sweet surprise! thank you Püre delite for the great intro to your business, good luck to you I’m sure wellness and sweet advocates will love to know about your bakery …I think it’s really yummy half the calories and all!