Stella & Shay Beauty Bar


The other day we took a studio field trip to a new beauty bar located on the west end of Lakewood for one of our co-workers work baby shower afternoon. So fun! This new beauty destination was full of everything sparkly (OMG their wallpaper!) shiny, pretty-pastels and pops of brightly-hued polish colors. If you haven’t visited them, you should for sure make your holiday appointments and squeeze in even little ounce of gold glittery nail polish!


I especially love all of their fancy Christian Louboutin, long-lasting colors to choose from. Check out the red polish color in the black bottle…it is supposed to look like one of the designers signature shoes. Very cool.


Besides the fancy polish brands, the ladies at Stella & Shay also carry the new-ish R+Co product line. Not only are these products gorgeous, they smell incredible and work really well on my long wavy/somewhat curly hair. They carry the entire line, stop in to explore soon.


So…just a little sneak peak at one of Lakewood’s most chic salon’s and beauty destinations. Did I mention how nice everyone is and that they have a wine and coffee bar for visitors? Seriously make your appointment today…I promise you will not be dissappointed!