Summer Farm Stand

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Good Morning friends. Hope you had a great summer weekend and an even better Monday. It was such a productive one at our house including building a custom, built in outdoor sectional and installing a new trellis complete with white honeysuckle.

Besides of lots of home improvement, there was also time to take a drive (Baby Ninja loves a long car ride) out West to Avon and explore a little farm stand I’ve always wanted to check out. While I don’t know the exact name of this place (I think the sign said Farm Stand) it near the corner of Detroit and Nagle Road and well worth the drive.

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The produce was stunning, so many bright summer colors. A beautiful assortment of different types of veggies you wouldn’t find in your neighborhood grocery store…and SO affordable; bring cash.

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If you are looking to stock up on your summer veggies, it’s the perfect place to get a great deal on locally-grown, summer produce. Have a healthy week, eat your veggies!