Susie Frazier Art & Studio

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Over the holiday season I had the pleasure of visiting the studio and showroom of Susie Frazier. Susie is an artist and designer who works with reclaimed materials including wood and many mixed metals found right here in Northeast, Ohio.

I became introduced to Susie many years ago through her little yoga mantra blocks that InnerBliss Yoga let’s you use during your practice. A little word on a wooden block, simple yet profound during a hot yoga practice. I knew I was a fan of her work then.

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Susie’s work includes more than yoga mantra blocks, she also makes stunning jewelry,  and home decor items (think lamps, table accents, and gorgeous one-of-a kind artwork.) With the upcoming Valentines Day holiday in a few weeks you are sure to find a special something for your love in her studio or on her website.


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Susie Frazier Showroom : 78th Street Studios, 1305 W. 80th Street – Cleveland, OH 44102 Open Every Fri. 11 am – 4 pm and Third Fridays until 9 pm. For studio updates as well as open houses and new products like the Susie Frazier Showroom Facebook page.