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  Our CLE Village Dinner


Happy Thanksgiving week everyone. Are you ready for the festivities filled with family, friends and of course, food galore? This year I am looking forward to spending time with some great friends, relaxing and really being thankful for all that we have, especially our health and the health of our loved ones.


Today I want to share the gorgeous images from our I Heart Cleveland, Spice Acres and The Village Magazine dinner taken by the talented Aster & Olive Photography.


It was the perfect fall evening, the leaves had changed colors, there was a brisk chill to the air and about twenty Cleveland moms had gathered at Spice Acres thanks to our hostess Jackie Bebenroth and her husband Chef Ben.

Spice-21_lrWe gathered among the pines for a cup of  warm spiced cider, some marinated olives and fresh popped popcorn. We toured the farm learning about the piglets, sustainable farming practices and how chickens lay eggs. We talked about why it is important to try and feed our families locally grown produce and locally raised meats and dairy. We acknowledged that each of us were busy moms and that by making small changes in how we feed our families we could feel better knowing our children would grow up appreciating the idea of good food grown locally.

For more lovely images of the evening on the farm, scroll down below.



  Land of Nod “Man-Child” Party + party goods giveaway

Hey CLE, and happy Monday. Congrats to all the runners who crushed yesterday’s Rock and Roll half marathon & mini marathon, it was super humid but you all looked amazing!


Today I am pleased to share my second Land of Nod post-partnership. If you remember I posted in August about my little Land of Nod blogging nook and how their product line is WAY MORE than just furniture for kids. Well today I’d like to share how you can also incorporate their adorable products for the everyday, “man-child” birthday bash (& poker game!)


It’s not every day that you take time to celebrate an adult birthday at home with friends. It seems that more than ever, we often meet out for a beer or a glass of wine to celebrate our friends new year ahead. With my “man-friend” turning a certain number on the birthday growth chart, I thought it might be fun to host a little home party, invite some of the other “men-children” over, have dinner, some shananigans and a bit of poker playing to celebrate the BIG birthday year.


What is a “man-child” you say? Well, he is the ultimate grown up guy who likes to have a good time. He may like a good prank, still lives for a snowboarding snow days, enjoys cartoons on Saturday morning, has a mega sweet tooth, loves to play outdoors (& dreams of the ultimate tree fort) and can’t get enough of those video games. Was that an okay description? Do you have a man-child in your life? Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m totally not knocking a good man-child and everyone should have one in their life, super fun times!