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  North Union Farmers Market : Toddler morning out in Cleveland (part 2)


Good afternoon friends. Typical spring day, starts out sunny, has a shower or two and fingers crossed the sun will come out for any evening plans. Oh, by the way, happy “May the 4th be with you!” the guys in my house love this funky little celebration!

Today I thought I would continue the story of that morning last weekend when I ventured East to spend the morning with our little guy on an adventure. We started with breakfast at Luna and then decided we should explore the vendors at this years North Union Farmers Market on Shaker Square; which runs every Saturday morning.



It was a bit chilly, but the farmers, helpers and craftsman alike were bundled up and ready to sell. We bought some incredible FIJI apples, a few bars of the most silky, baby-friendly soap (very cool new vendor called Barr’s Bars! check them out here) and we really enjoyed these cool moss rocks…next time I’ve got to get a few!




This farmers market is seriously one of my favorites around town. Give it a month or so to fully warm up and this place will be packed with farm, fresh produce and handmade wares from all over NorthEast Ohio. Happy summer! Happy Farmers Markets! Cheers to adventures with little people. Have a great rest of your day. :)